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Whether you are currently in retirement, approaching retirement, or still working, it is always worth reviewing your pension provisions to ensure you are on track for a comfortable and fun retirement.

Review your current pension

Book a pension review meeting with one of our expert pension advisers. We can then ensure your current pensions are set up in the best way in order to meet your income needs in a tax-efficient manner.

No one wants their pension pot to run out half way through retirement!

Consolidate your existing pensions

If you have had a number of jobs in your career, most of the time you will have been enrolled into a company pension scheme for each one.

You therefore may not know the total value of your pension pot, and rather than having multiple pension policies, we can consolidate these into one easily accessible pot for your retirement.

Set up a new private pension

Anyone can set up a new private pension, whether you are employed, or self-employed, but the pension world can be confusing.

Private pensions can often be more flexible and allow you to access funds from these at a younger age than company pension schemes.

We can set up a private pension portfolio for you in a way in which this meets your long-term retirement goals, where you can add funds to this on a monthly basis.

Private pensions are especially valuable to the self-employed, as they will not be paying into an employer’s company pension each month.

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Bloody loved working with Andrew. Any normal person would have seen our project and run a million miles. Also – I’m a “hounder” and Andrew dealt with my fears, my worries and my consistent asking of questions like a pro – I can’t recommend these guys enough!

Jess Ratty

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Being independent, we are not tied to one or two products or providers and can access the whole of the market to offer you the best possible advice, tailored to you.

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